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Everything You Need To Know About Building Automation Systems

Mechanical Engineers Trust Colorado Controls For All Their BAS Needs

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Monitor & Control Your Building’s HVAC, Lighting, & More

Keeping your building up to code and creating a more comfortable environment for occupants are two common reasons mechanical engineers, business owners, property managers, and others choose to either retrofit or install a new building automation system. Other reasons include:

  • Increased building efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance and operation costs
  • Enhanced security
  • The creation of remote access controls for specific operations
  • Improved equipment life cycle
  • And more

For more than a decade, Colorado Controls has been providing businesses all around Northern Colorado with the latest in BAS technology. If you are looking for a local controls company to work with to install or retrofit your organization or building’s HVAC, lighting, water heating, or other system, contact us now to learn how Colorado Controls can make your project a success.

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The Best in Control Solutions

Colorado Controls is a full-service control systems integrator.

  • HVAC Building Automations & Commercial HVAC Controls
  • Retrofit Lighting Automation Systems
  • Energy Saving Automation Systems
  • Geothermal and Energy Monitoring
  • Electrical Installation
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Custom Controls
  • Ventilation
  • And More

We Coordinate The Whole Project For You

One key advantage of hiring an organization such as Colorado Controls is that you get the building controls project managed and totally coordinated by one point of contact. When you have custom requirements for how and what will be implemented as part of your building automation system, having that single point of contact is tremendously beneficial. It eliminates “gaps” between subcontractors, and results in:

  • A smoother job
  • Higher quality
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Fewer in-process change orders
  • The elimination of redundant work and improved project coordination
  • Satisfied customers

There are a lot of moving parts in a building automation systems installation project. Work with Colorado Controls for a building automation and energy management contractor with a long track-record of successful projects. Learn more about our past projects here:

Project Portfolio

Reliable Controls

We exclusively sell, install, and service Reliable Controls internet-connected green building controls. Reliable Controls provide a wide array of products designed to save building owners and contractors time and money. When it comes to making buildings operate in a more environmentally friendly way, the hardware and software from Reliable Controls is second to none.

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New Installations:

Create a Green Building Environment with a Reliable Controls Building Automation System

Engineers and general contractors in Colorado have long understood the value of creating green building environments (GBE) for their clients. The competitive edge construction companies get by offering more environmentally conscious and technologically advanced and useful systems, is a proven strategy for getting more and better contracts.

Building owners also appreciate the advantages of building automation systems.

  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Superior comfort levels for occupants
  • Improved code compliance
  • And more

Tax benefits, grants, and rebates are also available for building owners to upgrade their operating systems as an extra incentive.

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Retrofit Installations:

Save Money, Achieve Optimal Performance, & Increase System Longevity

The biggest energy hog for buildings tends to be HVAC and lighting. An HVAC control system is usually what people ask us for, due to the idea that it’s going to save them the most amount of money. While this is generally true, it is somewhat shortsighted as an energy consumption reducing strategy. Leaving room for adding additional building systems later during an upgrade can save even more money in the long-run.

Retrofitting often starts with metering the building, so engineers get precise data about energy waste. This process helps determine a suitable template for upgrading building automation systems.

When we take a building automation upgrade project, it generally entails using the same controls and equipment currently in the building, but using new software and interfaces and allowing the legacy products in the building to interface with other systems. When it comes to retrofitting a building automation system, integration with the current system and interface is of central concern. It’s important to have clear objectives on any type of BAS project, in particular when working to integrate two systems together in a way that streamlines processes while improving energy efficiency. Work with a team with more than 12 years experience retrofitting buildings all around Colorado with control systems that meet the demands and expectations of occupants and managers alike.

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The Colorado Controls Team

Our team is licensed and trained to work with all types of building automation systems. Our technicians’ experience also makes them a reliable choice for working on both new and legacy systems. From government buildings and medical facilities to university campuses and historical buildings, we provide service for practically every environment, and are 100% committed to exceeding the expectations of those environments’ occupants.

Let us know what systems you currently have in place, and we will get back to you right away with solutions for saving your building money and energy. View our project portfolio to see examples of our past work!

We understand that a new or retrofit control system for your building is always going to be an investment. We’re here to make sure that that investment is as worthwhile as possible for you in the long-run. Trust Colorado Controls to design, install, and help manage your building’s automation system.

Contact us now to learn more about our green building solutions and start reaping the benefits of having an optimized BAS.

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The More You Know:

All About Building Automation Systems

More technically speaking, a BAS is a type of distributed control system that monitors and controls all systems in the building. Building automations systems are also colloquially called “smart buildings.” Modern BAS control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, fire alarms, security, and everything else that is electrical in your building.

BAS Analytics

Building automation systems are proven effective through concrete building analytics, to show precisely where there are inefficiencies in your building, allowing to prioritize optimizations starting with the areas with the greatest saving potentials. Colorado Controls provides high-tech analytic software from Reliable Controls that help identify inefficiencies, manage services and repairs, and helps your building stay under budget.

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BAS System Design

Our technicians specialize in providing accurate, detailed system automation drawings, using advanced software to provide your organization with customized planning with extensive documentation to achieve the building control system best suited for the space.

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Lighting Upgrades

Often, one of the areas with the great potential ROI is getting your lighting system upgraded. Yet there are so many products out there to choose from, it can be challenging knowing what exactly is going to be best for your facility. Colorado Controls can help you achieve the greatest efficiency, longevity, and durability possible. Contact us now to get started on your lighting retrofit project.

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Building Automation Maintenance

Colorado Controls isn’t a “set it and forget it” BAS installation company. We also provide ongoing building automation maintenance services to help building owners stay in control of their system for the long term. Routine maintenance may involve:

  • System efficiency optimizations
  • Equipment upgrades
  • And more

Have an older system? A better optimized BAS is just a phone call away.

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Colorado Controls Service Advantage

  • Single-source, high-quality BAS solutions
  • Open channels of communication to promote strategic thinking and superior results
  • Company management oriented towards integrity and fostering loyalty through the best possible service
  • No corners cut, guaranteed
  • Innovative strategies that boost your bottom line
  • Unbeatable quality of operations
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Commercial Climate Control Services You Can Rely On

Colorado Controls installs the latest building automation technology designed to provide you the best possible control over your HVAC, ventilation, and all other electrical systems in your building. Whether you are a general contractor working on a new office building, a property manager of a historical site, or anything in-between, we provide a wide array of automation options to help you achieve building design solutions that give you more control, save building owners money, and improve system efficiency. Contact us today and ask about how we can help make your building automation system better!

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