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Building Automation Controls & HVAC Controls in Northern Colorado

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From Denver to Cheyenne

Colorado Controls is a Reliable Controls™ Factory Authorized Dealer providing automated lighting, HVAC controls, plumbing system controls, and much more for mechanical engineers, building owners, general contractors, and others throughout the Front Range. We provide our clients with custom building automation solutions designed to achieve whatever goals they require. With more than 12 years of experience on a wide variety of different projects, we are confident that we can meet the demands of your job efficiently and on budget. 

If you are in or around the Front Range and would like to discuss your building automation system needs with us, reach out to us today!

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Colorado Controls delivers building automation systems with HVAC control systems, lighting controls systems, retrofit lighting, access controls, CCTV, energy management systems, and much more all across the Front Range. We have earned a reputation for providing superior value to our customers. Colorado Controls offers complete solutions for institutions, commercial, government facilities, and more, working to integrate clients’ total system. Being able to remotely access building controls gives clients a powerful way to dramatically improve their facility’s energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity. Want to learn more about our building automation services?

Comprehensive BAS Solutions

Our Building Automation Services

Colorado Controls is a full-service control systems integrator providing a wide range of services all around the Front Range. Hire Colorado Controls if you need...

  • HVAC Building Automations & Commercial HVAC Controls
  • Retrofit Lighting Automation Systems
  • Energy Saving Automation Systems
  • Geothermal and Energy Monitoring
  • Electrical Installations
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Ventilation Controls
  • Custom Controls
  • And More

Common Project Types

  • Schools and universities
  • Multi-building campuses
  • Data centers and critical system
  • Multi-tenant offices
  • Commercial buildings

Why Get A BAS?

  • Maximize comfort
  • Cost savings
  • Stabilize maintenance costs
  • Investment protection (accountability, safety, optimized operations)
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Partner With An Authorized Reliable Controls Dealer

For Your Next Building Automation Project

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Increase productivity | Optimize efficiency | Reduce operating costs | Improve occupant comfort | Ensure code compliance

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Interface between new and legacy controls systems | Upgrade to the latest software | Make the biggest impact possible on energy efficiency

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Reduce energy consumption | No to low maintenance | Rebates available

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Control your heating, cooling, ventilation, and other critical building systems

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Keep your building up to code | Create a more comfortable environment for occupants | Improve equipment life cycle | Save time and money

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Local Operations, International Reputation

Colorado Controls is focused on providing our local Northern Colorado community with the convenience and cost-saving benefits of building automation systems for their businesses and facilities. Reliable Controls™,  whose BAS components we exclusively utilize, is one of the most respected control specialist companies in the world. We provide international-standard quality hardware and software from Reliable Controls™, and design and install totally customizable systems to meet your specific needs. 

Colorado Controls specializes in creating sustainable, affordable, easy-to-use BAS systems that give mechanical contractors, building owners, and others greater control over their HVAC systems, plumbing, and other aspects of their building. No matter if you are working on building production and mechanical installation or you are in charge of managing ongoing maintenance and repairs throughout a building’s life cycle, a Reliable Controls™ BAS provides you convenient, flexible access to key metrics and controls throughout the building remotely. 

Want to work with an experienced automated controls company in Northern Colorado that is an authorized dealer of Reliable Controls™ equipment? Colorado Controls’ current portfolio of projects includes class A office buildings, banks, medical and dental facilities, industrial facilities, craft breweries, colleges, government buildings, community college campus buildings, military facilities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and pre-schools, and more. Check out our project portfolio page for examples of our work.   

If you are looking for a local controls company to hire to install or retrofit your organization or building’s HVAC, lighting, water heating, or other system that is reliable, provides excellent communication, and is capable of flexibility achieving your specific needs at the budget you require, contact us now to learn how our controls company can make your project a success.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Colorado Controls specializes in designing and installing controls solutions that provide our customers with building control products and solutions that reduce operational and energy costs, giving you a smarter, greener, more efficient building. Colorado Controls translates emerging automation control technologies into concrete value for our customers — creating a smarter, more efficient building, integrating critical systems with clear data monitoring and management tools all in one easy-to-use system. 

We utilize green building automation controls systems from Reliable Controls™ to empower your building to operate more sustainably.

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All-In-One BAS Solution

  • Building Automation

    • Intuitive interfacing, improved occupant comfort, critical monitoring with web-based controls
  • Data Analytics

    • Visualize data for predictive maintenance, get actionable intelligence, detect faults, and compare key metrics
  • Energy Management

    • Benchmark efficiencies, system performance optimization, power monitoring, and improved system longevity
  • Lighting Controls

    • Advanced scheduling, single user interface, and more through retrofit or new build lighting controls
  • Renewable Solutions

    • Make your system greener, more compliant, and competitive with modern energy and system expectations
  • Maintenance & Servicing

    • Custom tailor your preventative maintenance, keep your system and software up-to-date, and avoid breakdowns and other issues before they occur
  • Remote Client Services

    • Alarm monitoring, remote diagnostics, secure system backs and maintenance tools
  • And much more!


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Colorado Controls Service Advantage

  • Exclusive, single-source BAS solutions from Reliable Controls™ for Northern Colorado mechanical contractors and building owners
  • Always available for communication for the sake of promoting strategic thinking and achieving superior results
  • An orientation towards integrity and fostering loyalty through the best possible service
  • No corners cut, guaranteed
  • Innovative strategies for superior and sustainable energy efficiency
  • Unbeatable quality of operations
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Building Automation Services in​

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Colorado Controls is proud to partner with business owners, property managers, general contractors, and others all around the Front Range to provide building automation installation and maintenance services. We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships with other locally-owned businesses, providing the high-quality, on-budget services you’re looking for. If you want to work with a local, dependable, honest, and hardworking controls company that can build complex control systems and provide intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for the long-term, Colorado Controls is the team for the job. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry and as a Top Rated Local® Colorado building controls company, we are confident that we can create a great partnership to help you meet your custom needs. 

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