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Denver Building Automation Controls

Building Automation System Design, Analytics, Lighting Upgrades, & More in Northern Colorado

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Commercial BAS Solutions  

Colorado Controls installs the latest building automation technology designed to provide you the control you need over your HVAC, ventilation, and all other electrical systems in your building. Whether you are a general contractor working on a new office building or a property manager of an existing business or historical site, we provide a wide array of automation options to help you achieve building system-design solutions to give you more control, save building owners money, and improve overall system efficiency.

Colorado Controls designs, installs, and maintains systems from Cheyenne to right here in Denver. We are locally-owned and operated, authorized Reliable Controls™ dealer who pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships with other locally owned businesses to provide the high-quality, on-budget service you’re looking for. While other industries and companies cut quality, cut wages, and cut corners, we are focused on the long-term. Our business model is not based on making a quick buck, but instead on providing legacy solutions and support for partners who stick with us as technology and the industry changes.  

If you’re looking for a dependable, honest, and hardworking company that you can count on to achieve your or your clients’ goals, we’re the team for the job. With over 12 years of experience in the industry and as a Top Rated LocalⓇ Colorado Building Controls Company, we are confident that we can form a great partnership to help you meet the building automation requirements for your project. 

Partner with our full-service building automation company in Denver to achieve excellent results for your building automation project, and have it completed efficiently and on-budget. If you are in Denver or anywhere else along the Front Range and would like to discuss your building automation system needs with Colorado Controls, reach out to us today!

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Colorado Controls has been a longtime staple for retrofit lighting automation and other controls services in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to ensure that office buildings, schools, apartment complexes, government buildings, and other sites are all performing at the highest standards, utilizing energy-saving automation management technology in the most financially intelligent way possible. That’s why we are proud to offer Reliable Controls™ building automations solutions for both large and small buildings, giving our clients control over everything from temperature and humidity to lighting and ventilation available at a reasonable price, and designed to deliver excellent results for the long-term.

Whether you want to retrofit your existing system or create a totally new building automation solution for your Denver property, we can help with:

  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC controls
  • Access controls
  • CCTV controls
  • Energy management controls
  • Ventilation controls
  • Custom controls
  • And much more

Our team works to integrate our clients’ total system to achieve the results they are looking for. Being able to remotely access your building’s controls gives you a powerful way to improve your building’s energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity. Want to learn more about our building automation services or speak with one of our energy management experts about reducing energy costs and making your building more sustainably operated?

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Comprehensive BAS Solutions in Denver
Project Portfolio

Increase productivity | Optimize efficiency | Reduce operating costs | Improve occupant comfort | Ensure code compliance

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Interface between new and legacy controls systems | Upgrade to the latest software | Make the biggest impact possible on energy efficiency

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Reduce energy consumption | No to low maintenance | Rebates available

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Control your heating, cooling, ventilation, and other critical building systems

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Keep your building up to code | Create a more comfortable environment for occupants | Improve equipment life cycle | Save time and money

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Common Project Types

  • BAS projects for schools and universities in Denver
  • BAS projects for multi-building campuses in Denver
  • BAS projects for data centers and critical system in Denver
  • BAS projects for multi-tenant offices in Denver
  • BAS projects for commercial buildings in Denver
  • And more

Benefits of Getting a Custom Building Automation System 

  • Maximize comfort
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Stabilize maintenance costs
  • Decrease carbon footprint
  • Protect your investment (accountability, safety, optimized operations)
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Smart Buildings Demand Smart Controls:

Intelligent Solutions for Every Facility

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Our Comprehensive Project Approach Makes the Difference

Working with Colorado Controls means you are working with a team of highly trained experts dedicated to assisting you all the way from the initial planning and design stage through to ongoing support for your building’s automation systems. 

One of our most common customers are Denver construction companies looking for competitively priced, market-leading BAS solutions to provide exceptional value for end users. However, building owners looking for upgrades and retrofits are also extremely common projects for Colorado Controls (as you can see on our projects page). 

Our core commitment in whatever type of project you’re doing is supporting the longevity of your BAS investment. Whether you simply want user-interface software and monitoring hardware added to your current system, or you are looking to migrate to an upgraded system with more advanced technology, we are there to ensure optimal results and long-term performance benefits for the building. 

Colorado Controls is an authorized Reliable Controls™ dealer providing services for new construction projects, replacements, and anything in between. We provide the highest level of support and back it with the best products on the market for your particular needs. 

We choose to install Reliable Controls™ technology because they create very stable, reliable hardware and software that is well-suited and effective at reducing utility costs and achieving dependable energy management controls, without issues, for the long-term. 

Colorado Controls prides itself on providing outstanding customer care and professional, punctual service with the unparalleled building automation technology we install for you. As one of the most respected control specialist companies in the Denver area, we will provide you the complete solutions called for to meet your building’s specific needs and your organization’s energy management goals — from HVAC controls to lighting controls. 

No matter if you are responsible for new building construction or are looking for commercial building automation retrofitting solutions in Denver, Colorado Controls provides the affordable, customized BAS solutions you are looking for.

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Where to Get Started?
BAS System Design.

Our experienced staff specialize in providing accurate, detailed BAS system blueprints. We use state-of-the-art software and work closely with mechanical teams, equipment manufacturers, architects, and others to create an integrated system custom-made for your building.

Partner with us to get:

  • BAS solutions exclusively from Reliable Controls™ for Denver mechanical contractors and building owners
  • Integrity, loyalty, and unbeatable service
  • No corners cut, guaranteed
  • Innovative building automation strategies to achieve superior and sustainable energy efficiency

Colorado Controls Brings Out

The Best In Buildings

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Colorado Controls Helps Denver Properties
Operate Better!

If you are looking for a local Denver controls company to work with you to install or retrofit your organization or building’s HVAC, lighting, water heating, or other automation systems, contact us now to learn how Colorado Controls can make your project a success.

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