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Windsor Town Hall

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Windsor Town Hall

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Town of Windsor


22,200 sq. ft.




Windsor, CO

Windsor Town Hall is a historic building which serves the Town of Windsor, located in Weld County. The Town Hall is three stories tall with a basement.

Colorado Controls undertook the HVAC renovation of this historic building. After a successful design, installation, and engineering of the existing systems, the building is now a perfect example of a well-done retrofit. Using our knowledge of the industry and following historical standards, we have a wonderful example of old and new working together. It also serves to show that we can breathe new life into an older building using correct methodology, while also saving the customers money. The people directly involved with renovating Windsor Town Hall are all extremely proud of the work we did and look forward to an ongoing relationship with the Town of Windsor as we update their systems.

Due to the historic nature of the building, we designed this solution using wireless controllers so that no wire had to be pulled through any walls. We were able to accomplish the town’s goal without having to redesign or renovate any existing infrastructure.  

This is the third Town of Windsor building that Colorado Controls has installed. Colorado Controls also provides remote access to Facilities Management through one login, where all three buildings can be controlled. Alerts and scheduling also are communicated through the same portal.

"The Town of Windsor recently faced the decision to replace a failing and unsupported building control system in its 125-year-old town hall facility. Considering the ongoing success and support provided in other town facilities, it was decided to entrust Colorado Controls with retrofitting the historic building with a Reliable Controls system. 

Accepting the challenge, the team at Colorado Controls took the time necessary to investigate and design our new system. Field technicians installed new equipment and made necessary wiring changes, while programming and graphics were developed behind the scenes. 

It's been a pleasure working through the process with the courteous and knowledgeable team at Colorado Controls, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Not only will this project help to streamline the overall process by placing all of our facilities on the same platform, it will assure the town will recieve state of the art technology, backed by the support of the dedicated team at Colorado Controls"

-Windsor Town Hall

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