Energy and facility managers are constantly looking for new ways to more effectively manage their properties, with operational savings and energy efficiency as two of the main goals. On top of that, there is also the growing demand for businesses to operate in environmentally sustainable ways.

To address all of these goals adequately, building owners, general contractors, property managers, and others are turning to building management technologies in record numbers. For construction companies, project managers, and others, Colorado Controls is the #1 choice for energy management systems in Northern Colorado. We are a full service, independently operated building automation controls contractor. Our speciality is designing controls solutions for buildings utilizing green technology and that are simple, flexible, and cost-effective. As an authorized Reliable Controls dealer, we can provide you with control technology specifically designed for simplicity and effectiveness. 

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3 Types of Building Management Technologies

This article will cover three key categories of building management technologies:

  1. Building Automation Systems
  2. SMART Buildings
  3. Energy Management Systems

These systems are often integrated into one centralized control system, making maintenance and management simple for end-users. 

#1: Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems (BAS) are computer controls that are integrated into a building’s electrical and mechanical systems, designed to automate actions such as: 

  • Lights
  • Elevators
  • Ventilation/HVAC
  • Security systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Etc.

All this can be centralized into one computer system that managers are able to utilize for optimizing building performance and general operations. 

These systems are also capable of initiating specified tasks during an emergency. For example, when a BAS detects a fire, it can route all elevators to the ground floor and lock them down so they can’t be used, preventing serious potential injuries. It may also be set to trigger the building’s HVAC system to stop the spread of smoke through the building even before people have realized there is a fire. 

#2: SMART Buildings

Of the three types of building management systems we’re talking about, SMART technology is most likely the most well-known. SMART stands for Self-Monitory Analysis and Reporting Technology. It essentially involves machine to machine communication, and involves a wide array of tools designed to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve building efficiencies
  • Improve analytics
  • Initiate preventative maintenance
  • And more

SMART buildings are designed to be reactive to things such as HVAC failure, electricity use, and more. 

#3: Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems (EMS) are building automation systems specifically designed to reduce and control energy consumption. EMS give energy and facility managers the data and tools they need to narrow down issues and make more informed decisions about energy management. EMS can help buildings save as much as 50% in energy cost, with most savings usually coming from lighting and HVAC costs.

Learn More About Building Management Systems

Get help determining what kind of building management system is right for your purposes by contacting Colorado Controls and scheduling a free consultation. You can also reach us at (970) 251-0057. Our team has been providing Colorado properties with superior automation solutions for more than 12 years now. If you’re looking for an experienced, reliable controls team to work with, reach out to us today to learn about how we can help you and your customers save more on energy costs and better manage their building for the long term. 

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